LIFE IS (PAIN au chocolat) Original letter Press Print

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Sometimes life has got you down, but in fact it is as sweet as a little chocolate bread.

This word play will uplift any bad mood, and probably give you a little craving as well. ;)

This is a very limited edition of 5 original letter press prints.

The original art prints were made in a print workshop using wooden letter which are more than 100 years old! The process is very interesting, since not all the letters have the exact same height so little adjustments are always needed, it is time consuming but the result is super special. You can see the imperfections, and sometimes the wooden texture. All 5 prints are slightly different and perfectly imperfect.

It is printed in golden ink, and the chocolate part well it does almost look like the dark choco on the bread. We mixed the color to match using a very nice color tool. ;)

This print can be the perfect gift for someone who needs a reminder to feel good. Chocolate lovers will relate even more to this positivity message.

The minimalistic vive and clever word play will make people smile.