About Printherapy

Why Printherapy?

The corona crisis has hit hard in terms of mental health issues like anxiety, loneliness and sleeping problems. 

The lives of many people around the world have been turned upside down by losing their jobs, or even worse, losing a loved one to Covid… and to make matters worse, we have been in isolation.

I am Gabriela Aguirrezabal and I have worked in youth care innovation as a designer for the last 5 years, so I know a thing or two about mental health.

I started linocut printing during lockdown. I have found comfort within creativity.  I developed a process which has helped me to come in the present and stop worrying about things that are beyond my control. I call this Printfulness, and has been key to my wellbeing during tough times. 

Printherapy helps busy heads to find calm and joy in the here and now by providing tools that empower them to create imperfect pieces of art and reminders to feel good. Because we need to slow down to stay healthy. 

I am starting with online Printfulness workshops and a lino home printing kit. The resulting linoprints are minimalistic reminders to feel good and actually look nice in your interior. This is responding to the trend that people are investing more in their own homes, DIY products are taking off and everyone is getting more accustomed to online ordering. 

Ultimately I want to create a physical space where youngsters can come and learn new skills, can find a side job by doing relaxing slow printing jobs and a little shop with all kinds of printed goods and stationary. 

I am looking for a place to start offering Printfulness workshops on location (in the Netherlands, and in Dutch too), and I want to create a sounding board to further develop the Printfulness methodology. 

Also available for collaborations with Youth Care organisations.

So get in touch if you want to work with me: gabi@bettersocialdesign.nl

Mail: gabi@printherapy.com


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