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This is Printherapy

Printherapy helps busy heads to find calm and joy in the here and now by providing tools that empower them to create perfectly imperfect pieces of art and reminders to feel good. Because we need to slow down to stay healthy. 

Linocut Home Printing Kit

Launching an amazingly designed and carefully curated linocut printing kit during Creative Life in Utrecht. The kit includes a link to an audio guided Printfulness exercise, it is like meditation married printmaking.

Printfulness Audio Guide Preview

Original Linocut Prints by Hand, in The Netherlands

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Learn to make minimalistic lino cut prints while you relax and unwind with our audio guided excercises.


This piece of art is so precious. I bought it as a gift to a friend that just had a baby. You can really feel the love that has gone into making this artwork. The contact was very easy and the artwork arrived very quick in perfect condition. Thank you Printherapy!

Marieke, who bought the Mom and Baby Print

The artwork is even more beautiful in real life! I bought this as a gift for my parents who live by the sea, they just loved it! Really friendly and the contact was perfect: quick and easy! The artwork arrived in perfect condition.

Marieke, who also bought the Waves Print