Gel Printing Plate

Gel Printing Plate

What is a Gel Printing Plate?

It is a plate used for stamping and mono printing. You can print many different techniques using a gel plate.

How to take care of your Gel Printing Plate?

The basics

We recommend acrylic paints or water soluble inks.

Some rubber stamp inks and various dyes can stain the plate, but don't worry, this will not affect printing.

Easy Clean Up

Use baby whipes to clean the plate. You can also use water and soap.

To dry just use plain white paper to "print'-dry your plate.

Store your gel plate in its original packaging.


Fun textures are easy to find - try bubble wrap, foam stamps, leaves, stencils...

Create hand written designs with soft tools like a q-tip. 

DO NOT USE POINTY OR SHARP TOOLS, they can damage your gel printing plate.


Store your gel printing plate in its original packaging.

With time, the gel plate will imprint any texture it is sitting upon, so store in a smooth surface.

Do not use plastic wrap or waxed paper to cover your plate, they will wrinkle and leave wrinkles on your plate.

The gel plate contains mineral oil - do not leave the plate sitting on an absorbent surface like a wooden table.

While working with your plate, place it on a flat non porous surface like a baking tray or a piece of glas.


Keep away from open flame and other heat sources. 

The gel plate is for printing, it is not a toy.


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