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Speed Screens Kit by Speedball

Speed Screens Kit by Speedball

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Designed around using Speedball’s Speed Screens, the Speedball Speed Screen Kit will allow you to create photographic stencils that can be printed without a screen frame.

Coated in a proprietary emulsion, Speed Screens are ready- to-use mesh sheets that allow you to easily and quickly create permanent, photographic stencils right from your own printer.

Contents include:

  • 30W LED Lamp
  • Red Baron Squeegee
  • 4oz Fabric Screen Printing Ink (Black)
  • Sheet of Black Paper
  • 3 x Speed Screen sheets
  • 3 x Transparency Sheets
  • Craft Stick
  • Instruction Guide
  • 8 x 10in Wood Screen and Cord

Extra TIP:

You can also use the UV lamp for Cyanotype Printing when you don't have sunlight.


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