Box #1 Printfulness with Lino - Workshop in a box

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A linocut home printing kit that is perfect for relaxation and mindfulness.

This lino kit has everything you need to get started with lino printing and discover how relaxing this technique can be. I offer a "printfulness" audio exercise that, together with the right tools in the DYI kit, that will guide you with all the basics of the linocut technique but it will also guide you through your creative process. It is an experience on its own! That is why I called this kit, a workshop in a box.

The lino kit includes:
- Handle
- 2 cutting knives
- 2 pieces of lino
- 3 cards to print on
- An ink pad in the color of your choice
- A printing wooden tool
- A link to the audio exercise on

I created this lino kit with the idea that everyone is creative. I want to help you get through your own perfectionism if it is getting in your way for creating. The kit and the audio guide can remind you that you too can make beautiful art prints. All unique and perfectly imperfect.

I gathered in this kit the principles of positive psychology to get you in the right mindset for creativity. Research shows that mindfulness can help reduce stress and the same goes for doing something with your hands. I created a basic kit, where I combine mindfulness and creativity to give your mind and your soul a little boost.

I hope you like this printing kit!

If you have any questions I am here for you at