Home Printfulness Kit - Luxe Linocut edition

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The process of linocut is as important as the result. The right tools will make your home printing experience a bliss. This uniquely designed kit includes the best tools and lino materials. The design is not in the details, the details make the design. It also includes all the resources to learn linocut and learn to be in the present.


- Printfulness Audio Guided Exercise

- Etui from Faux Leather with:

  • 4 different knives
  • 1 handle
  • 1 roller (6cm)

- Bench hook, specially designed to keep your lino in place and your hands safe.

- Pearled Acrylic board to roll the ink into, looks fancy on your process pictures.

- Lino printing ink, 1 tin of 30ml water-based easy to clean lino printing ink in black, because black is timeless and fits in every interior. More colors will be soon available.

- 4 Soft lino plates: 2 x small (10 by 15 cm) and 2 x medium (15 x 20 cm)