Stadsatelier Live Workshop: Set up your online shop

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This is a live workshop in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, at de Stadsatelier. 

The workshops are in Dutch, English or Spanish! ;)

Your very own webshop!

There are so many options, from marketplaces like Etsy to platforms like Shopify. But what is best for you?

In a group setting I explain everything you need to know about building and launching your website. We look specifically at the kind of products that you want to sell and we give eachother feedback.

This workshop is a 2 day training with a period of 2 weeks in between.

The first day I explain all there is to know technical and business wise and get you started with the basics.

Then you go home and try it out for 2 weeks. You can ask me questions in between via whatsapp or mail. 

The second day there is room for questions and we give feedback to each others websites and webshops. Including the marketing side of it. 

So it requires you to do the work but you will not be alone and I will take you by the hand in a lovely setting with a nice group of peers. 


It requires that you bring your own laptop. Wondering if this workshop is for you? You can book a call with me too so we can chat. (in het Nederlands ook!)

Propose a date by mail to to set up something with me.

The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum is 8.