Creative Life Workshop: Printfulness with linocut

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Printfulness is the mix between printmaking and mindfulness. 

I will teach you all the basics (in Dutch) so you get started with linocutting. Then you will follow an audio meditation (in English) that guides you through the process of carving your own linocut print based on what you are feeling. In this Printfulness experience you will make a perfectly imperfect piece of linocut art and print it on a card. Getting to know the technique while checking in with yourself.

The group will be small and cozy, there is space for 6 people and only 4 tickets are sold online so there is a chance to still have a last minute spot during the fair Creative Life in Utrecht. 

With Printfulness I have found comfort in creativity. Sounds interesting? Come give it a go.

DATUM: November 12 - 14 , 2021

OM: 11.30 (VR, ZA), 11.00 (ZO), 14.00 (ZA,ZO) en 16.00 (VR)

DUURT: 30 - 45 minuten 

WAAR?: Creative Life in Utrecht, The Netherlands


Let Op: Je moet zelf nog een apart entree ticket kopen voor Creative Life. Deze is niet inbegrepen in de prijs van onze workshop tickets!

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Alle workshop tickets krijgen een waardebon van 5 euros voor het volgen van een andere workshop van Printherapy bij de Stadsatelier te Amersfoort.